Upcoming Events at Redeemer


  • Friends Helping Friends Benefit for the UCC Homes Auxiliary Tuesday, October 17:    Boscov’s Friends Helping Friends Benefit for the UCC Homes Auxiliary is Tuesday, October 17.  This event is a special day filled with fun and fundraising to benefit the UCC Homes Auxiliary.   Audrey Baker is selling the $5.00 tickets to Friends Helping Friends now and your pass is then good on the 17th as a discount shopping pass from 9 AM - 11 PM that’s good for 25% off almost all purchases! Remember that 100% of the ticket donation goes directly to the Auxiliary!  (*Certain exclusions may apply. Complete details are printed on the shopping passes.)

  • Fall Food Drive Begins Sunday, October 29: Let’s kick off the Fall Food Drive for the Hershey Food Bank by bringing in the below listed items beginning Sunday, October 29 through Harvest Home Sunday, November 19! Immediate food items needed are: Canned Meats and Stews, Cereal, Chunky Soups, Canned Fruits, Applesauce, Baked Beans, Tuna, Pancake Mix andSyrup, and Spaghetti and Spaghetti Sauce. All items may be placed on the window sills throughout the sanctuary! Please remember, the Department of Health requires all cans to have labels, and packaged goods must be factory-sealed, in good condition, and without rust or severe dents.