Who We Are


Church of the Redeemer is about the work of justice and peace through the Realm of God as shared with the world by Jesus the Christ. We are a congregation of the United Church of Christ (www.ucc.org). We share in ministry with other UCC churches as part of the Harrisburg Association and Penn Central Conference (www.pccucc.org).

In 2013, we celebrated 55 years of ministry in Hershey. You know, fifty five years doesn’t seem very long in some ways. Church of the Redeemer was consecrated as a mission congregation of the Evangelical and Reformed Church as members of the former Union Deposit Union Church joined with other committed Christians to become a congregation of the newly formed United Church of Christ in October, 1958.

The world has seen a lot of changes in these fifty five years: we have seen God’s people at their worst, their best and everything in between! Governments, societies, cultures have all undergone transformation upon transformation. Technology, the arts…..wow, it’s tough to think of something that hasn’t changed!

That is how it works! The world changes, we change, even the Holy One recognizes change as an important part of growing in our relationship with the God who created us. It’s a good thing for us to embrace who we are as Christ’s disciples in the midst of this complex world.

Church of the Redeemer has tried to do that through innovations in worship and music, through engagement with the community and bold decisions about extravagant welcome that furthers Christ’s mission.

Because we believe in the power of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit, we, the members of Church of the Redeemer United Church of Christ are striving to spread the Good News through worship, education and caring so that all may experience rich and full lives and experience the love of Jesus Christ.

The congregation is committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with all its blessings and challenges. Creative, progressive, open and welcoming, the people of Redeemer UCC daily answer Christ's call to be loving and gracious, active in thought and just in action.