The Jesse Tree

Genealogy, according to, is a record or account of the ancestry and descent of a person, family, or group. ( This study of ancestries and histories has become very popular in the last several decades. 

People who watch TV advertising are probably familiar with the man who “traded in my Lederhosen for a Kilt.” Folks who were glued to the TV for six seasons watching Downton Abbey know the importance of royal succession that depends upon lineage. 

Similarly, Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem because they were of the House of David. They could trace their lineage to that royal family. It is this expanded lineage that is the basis for The Jesse Tree.

This Advent practice can also be traced for several decades. The Jesse Tree begins with Creation and journeys through the Old Testament to the birth of Jesus. For those familiar with Advent Calendars, The Jesse Tree is similar. The exception is that there is a scripture lesson and narrative about the symbol to accompany the ornament of the day. 

Beginning, December 3, 2017, ornaments representing the symbols for the day and the coming week will be hung. For those in attendance, we plan to distribute a packet of symbols with corresponding readings.

This weekly activity is open to everyone in the community. If you do not regularly attend worship at Church of the Redeemer, please complete the form below so that we will have enough ornaments on hand. There is no cost for the ornaments; donations to assist with the cost of the supplies are welcome.