The Scents of Christmas

Advent worship this year focuses on our sense of smell. Each Sunday as we light the Advent Candles, we incorporate a spice or herb into the liturgy. Each week the element will be put in a glass container. Beginning the second week, the elements will be stirred together. On Christmas Eve the last spice will be added and mixed in. Each person who attends will be able to take home a kit to make a Scent of Christmas pouch.

The themes:

  • The First Week of Advent: Remembrance

  • The Second Week of Advent: Wonder

  • The Third Week of Advent: Excitement

  • The Fourth Week of Advent: Discernment

  • Christmas Eve: BitterSweet Joy

In order to be sure there are enough supplies, we ask that you “register” the number of people you anticipate attending one of the services. Like Mary & Joseph on that wonderful night, if you don’t register there may be “no room in the scent pouch inn!

I would like to know the name of the person submitting the registration and that person’s email address. Also the number of adults attending and the number of children ages 5-18 attending.

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